Monday, November 10, 2014

Solving the problem

It would be great if the government got on board with putting solar panel on every home and business or any flat surface with solar panels. These would all be hooked up to our smart grid. During the day when power demands are the highest solar could provide this power. For the night time use mainly to light homes and street light and some business natural gas power plants and nuclear plants could take up the slack. We wouldn’t need all the coal plants. Wind power is nice that the wind blows day and night which could help out the grid.

We need a national program to put solar panels on every ones homes. For the poor people the government could help out. Poor people renting could also get help and help the landlord or investment company who owns the apartments by a government program. There’s always a way of doing something it’s just a matter if you want to do it or not. With all the homes covered with solar panels this would have more power then is needed by the country. Power companies would become distribution companies since they wouldn’t have to generate power or not that much power. It would mainly be for the base line power and mostly be at night.

Power companies don’t want you to have solar panels on your roofs because it cuts out their profit. Well, there usefulness has come and gone. They are the dinosaurs of energy. It’s a new world and a new direction.

Power companies are opposed to having batteries to store your power because they want to sell you power. With batteries you could get them charged up during the day and still sell your excess power to the grid. Then as it gets dark going to night the batteries would be used to power your house. Your only using the batteries for a few hours in the evening. Most of the night your sleeping and not using much power. The only thing you would be using power for is for refrigerators, heating water if you don’t have a gas powered water heater, electric stoves if you don’t have gas stoves. Heat for your home but most homes have gas heaters. Going from compact bulbs to LED lights would use even less power for a big savings. Right now the bulbs are a bit pricy. I did find a place in Hong Kong that has real good prices called (deal They do have those brands that are high priced like you would pay here but the prices they have for LED bulbs made in China are so much cheaper. You can even get bulbs that you can set the brightness and color.

I can’t wait until they have the light panels coming out. They are real low power consumption and can change colors besides being white. I seen some panels being tested at colleges. Right now the price is too high for them. It would be nice to put panels on the ceiling to light the place up. These would be great for the amount of light you get out and such a low power consumption.

I’d like to see the L.I.F.E. program get started to generate power. This would start off by burning a drop of water and get up to 10 million degrees. Then you could feed just about anything into it even nuclear waste and burn it up. It’s taken a while for those lasers to be built and they are just starting testing. I would be like something from Star Trek real futuristic.

Getting a smart grid would also be nice. I was checking out how it was laid out now. I didn’t know they use DC voltage at some  segments of the national grid. With the production of high voltage CMOS parts you can make power inverter and regulators that you couldn’t make just a few years ago. Before you needed to have special transformers and banks of transistors to handle the current to make an inverter. Now it’s so easy to make a DC to DC converter and then run it through a sine wave amp to make your AC voltage They have CMOS parts that handle 30, 40, 50 amps at over a 1000 volts. It’s amazing how far parts have come. They even make multi-part goodies with 4 CMOS parts all in one package that does an digital H  output turning one set of CMOS FETs on while turning the other set off making a real good sine wave. Still it would be nice to have a line conditioner on the power to keep it real regular. The FETs are so fast they can sync to the line voltage so you can feed power from your solar panel array to the power grid. Also charge your batteries at home to use later. A new battery that is still in the test mode it the flow battery which is a type of fuel cell but much cheaper then the ones used by NASA years ago. Now you can charge a fluid and keep the charged fluid in a tank to be used at a later time. It charges up fast and holds a large charge depending on the size of your tank. That would be great for home and business.

Another fuel cell design is the Bloom Box which runs of natural gas and produces power. It’s cheaper to use then buying power for the power company. They make a smaller unit for home use. I’m sure you could get it to work of bottled gas like propane so you could be off the grid. It would be good to have a combination of these items so you have back-ups of your power system. Having all that power from the sun you could actually split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Then use the hydrogen for your heater and have a byproduct of water. You could also charge your electric car up if you don’t have a hybrid. The future is now.

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