Monday, January 27, 2014

Doing all the wrong things because you hate.

The economy is in the dumps and all the economist say you need to stimulate the economy to get things moving. So what do you do, lets cut spending at a “tossers” spanking speed. Not enough jobs, lets cut schools and public works projects. People can’t find jobs, you cut the safety net. By itself unemployment insurance helps stimulate the economy because those people on it spend every last dime which goes out into the community. Or to Walmart because that’s the only place they can buy cheap stuff. No Food Stamps because you say you want to cut spending but still give away money to corporate farms that don’t need it meanwhile you want to starve people because your just mean.Why are you doing everything to the country because you’re a racist turkey neck old bastard. People say, Mitch McConnell is a real asshole, a bigot from a funky state of a long line of bigots. It’s amazing watching the republican do themselves in. What only works for them is the stupid wedge issues. Then those people are stupid and just hang on to the wedge issue and don’t know anything about anything. Science, that’s the voodoo stuff for those elitist educated people. It’s amazing when the Tea Baggers shut down the government and didn’t think that would have any blow back. That’s like Bush invading Iraq and thinking they were going to greet us with roses. Bush and his cronies never thought about blow back. Where were the republicans then following Bush off the cliff like a bunch of lemmings. I kept saying Bush was running the country into the ground. The republican wanted to dump a broken country on to the democrats then say why can you fix it. Takes a few years to undo all the crap Bush and the republican caused. The idea you put you foot into everything and stopped progress and wondered why things are going as good as it should, well with the obstacles put in the way by the republicans. What get’s me, is people say republicans are afraid of their own shadows and believe in myths rather then facts. The way the republican are it’s like having a ship with the anchor out wondering why your not moving. There’s a French word for Cleaning bag, that’s what the GOP is, a cleaning bag.

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