Thursday, June 12, 2014

Republicans want boots on the ground and more war

How fast people forget what Bush has done leading up to the war in Iraq. All the lies. All the deaths. All the wounded. A country left in ruins. Now Boehner wants to go back to that after it took so long to get out of there. Boehner forgets all the lies. He forgets there wasn’t any WMD the reason for going to war or so they said. He forgets the stop loss program making are troops go back to Iraq over and over. If the troops didn’t have PTSD they sure would after going there four of five times or until they were dead. Boehner says stuff without thinking. Take about someone with brain damage from years of drinking. You tend to shoot your mouth off when your drunk.

Lets bring up all the war crimes Bush and Chaney have done. Lets put them on trial before anything else. Lets find out which oil companies got the contracts to expand the oil fields? Who is making money off the war also should be brought out into public light.

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