Sunday, July 12, 2009

McCain plays stupid, again

I should say he’s not playing stupid. How can you find out what happened with the spying if there isn't an investigation. Either is the rest of the republicans that don’t want an investigation on spying on American, warrant less wire tapes, what ever ever evil things Chaney could cook up. Republicans know that if the spy program is reveled to the public they will loose seats and votes along with credibility. This is besides the torture programs Chaney loves also which republicans don’t want people looking into. As Chaney would say, it’s just a little water and some stress positions. As it is they changed the definition of torture to where only if you have organs failure is it torture. Well, people did die from what they did to them. They also ignored the Geneva Convention. How can you tell others not to do that when your not setting an example.. If what all happened in the last 8 years of what Bush and Chaney gets out to the world there might be a cry to put them on trial for Crimes against Humanity. I’m sure there were some other shady deals done where Bush and Chaney’s friends made billions of dollars. All the no bid contracts that went on which gave people the idea they didn’t have to do a good job but take the money. All the companies tied to position that Chaney had as CEO should have been excluded from taking part i any government contract. Chaney went from being CEO to vice president and gave his former employer sweetheart deals. It was like he was still the CEO and had two jobs.

What gets me is the republicans said they are the party of morals then go out and torture people, invade a country for oil. Looking from the outside you would say it was insider trading and manipulations of the markets. How people voted for the party thinking they were voting for moral people when they are the party of big business. There vote was shooting themselves in the foot. If you look at what happened to the bankruptcy laws where you can claim bankruptcy but big businesses can. That credit card companies can charge you any fees that get you into deep water where you never can get out because you can’t claim bankruptcy. Last years high price for oil was Bush’s gift to the oil companies. That’s what caused the economy to start to collapse. Then it was a house of card falling one by one until today. Meanwhile the rich got richer. Bush and Chaney aren’t hurting and this depression has no effect on them, they could care less. Like Iraq which Bush and Chaney broke, they also broke America and the rest of the world. I hope history isn’t very kind and tells the truth about Bush and Chaney and all there shady dealings.

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