Sunday, June 15, 2008

What about all those etra frequencies after digital TV is in place

I've been hearing the digital is better and after next year when everything is digital there's going to free up all these radio frequencies so that cell phones and public services can use them. Now, after reading the manual of what the frequencies the DTV converter box receives I was shock to find out that only a small segment was removed, two analog channels. This has to be a republican controlled FCC mess created like the war in Iraq, not to well thought through. Since digital and analog are intermingled right now why not keep both since I get more channels on analog. With Digital it either works or it doesn't. You most likely seen DVD's skip or on satellite it goes into patchy squares, sound stops, blast back in in chunks the squares move around. So the channels I got great now don't come in while the channels I never watch come in great, the religious channels. I get all four of them. What gets me is the channel line up will show that the channels are there but don't work and if they do, they come in chunky.

Knowing how the republican controlled FCC acts in other matters this must be a scam to get everyone to replace there TV sets. I heard one commercial saying if you can't receive a digital signal then you have to get cable of satellite.

As far as I can see you need to get what is called a "Smart Antenna" for those hard to get channels. Looking at it with it's little antennas I don't see how that is going to pick up very much except in areas of good reception. Having to have a antenna for each channel seems to be the way to get good reception. Who knew I'd need a large antenna array to get TV in the future. The antennas are going to cost way more then the stupid box. You know what they say about you get what you pay for and the government helped me get something worthless. That's nothing new, they do that a lot.

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