Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DTV what a scam

Leading up to the big hype about the new Digital Television next year where all these frequencies are suppose to be freed up it's not true, they use the same space and band width as analog TV right now. Depending on when you time of day you setup the tuner depends on how many channels you'll get. Do it at night and you most likely will get more channels which won't work during the day.

You need a large antenna array to get the channels you see now. They need to be pointed at the transmitting antennas.

What gets me is that both analog and digital do the same thing and analog seems to travel farther. It's nice that digital comes in clear and sharp if you can get the channel. Why they don't keep both. This has to be a republican controlled FCC maneuver just like making already large corporations even bigger disregarding what the people of this country has to say about consolidation.

It's the dumbing down of America so people can only get limited amounts of news. If you don't hear about it then you can't be outraged at what the republican government is doing. It's too bad that the K street project has fallen apart and the people involved have gone to jail well some of them have.

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