Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Republican defend big oils gas prices

Republicans defend big oils wind fall incomes. Ever since Bush and buddies came to office the price of oil or gas has been going up. Today the democrats tried to pass a wind fall tax on big oil companies and get them to invest in renewable sources but republicans defend big oil saying it won't work. That's something I've heard over and over, "It won't woke." Then a law is past and it does but no one remembers how many times republican made that claim that it won't work.

We could be buying ethanol but the republicans put a import duty where it's not going to be able to be imported. So we pay high prices for food because corn is being made into ethanol rather then being fed to live stock. More lands are being farmed for corn rather then food crops which is also driving up the price of food.

When it comes to doing something right for the country the republican look at things from a short term view. They want the fast buck without doing work.

Instead of making a wind fall tax, take energy away from the futures and stock market. Better yet since this is turning into a national security issue, nationalize energy and take it away from these people that want to destroy the country for a short term gain. How soon we forgot what Enron has done to the country and how they were manipulating the market. People have forgot what Exxon did to the country in the late seventies taking notes from what OPEC did earlier that decade.

The republicans solution, drill in the Wild Life Refuge in Alaska. Drill off the east and west costs. What burns me is they don't pay royalties for drilling on public lands. They don't pay for oil spills because Exxon is still fighting the spill they did twenty years ago in Alaska. They still haven't cleaned up the oil mess either, well they did a superficial job. The surface of rock are clean but turn one over and the oil is still there.

Why don't American that vote republican believe that they only want there vote and then they are going to tax them while giving themselves a cut. They will get laws past like what the credit card companies did where it's almost imposable to claim bankruptcy. But when it comes to a large corporation claiming bankruptcy, no problem, and the republicans will even give them money to help them out like the airlines. They are union buster and want to bring in low wage unskilled people from south of the country, that why The Wall, which was promised wasn't never finished. All you get is lies from republican. Just read the 9/11 report and all the books that have been written by past Bush buddies that quit because they couldn't lie any more.

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