Tuesday, June 17, 2008

McCain wants drilling off California coast.

McCain wants drilling off shore of the California coast. Maybe that would be exceptable if they start storing nuclear waste in Arizona. That would be an exceptable trade off. If he wants to do drilling off California he has to give a little too.

What about drilling in Chaney's back yard? They are pushing drilling in BLM lands and National Forests of Wyoming without paying any royalties to the state of country. A free ride to the oil companies. Seems like if they are taking our reserves of oil from our country they need to pay for it but it's oil men in office. I'm sure they are getting kickbacks.

Yesterday I heard about the loophole that Enron made to change the way the market pays for oil where the market can change the price of oil rather then the market causing the market change. Closing that loophope would take about one month to bring oil back in line with what was going on for the past 70 years of trading.

I still want to see Ken Lays body in the coffin. I still think facing jail time his death was faked since Bush is his buddy.

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