Friday, June 20, 2008

Republican manipulate gas prices to win in 2008

Republicans manipulate gas and oil and blame democrats for the problems. When in 2000 Senator Phil Gramm of Texas got a law past for Enron to change the way America's market prices oil. It's also the time of energy deregulation which hasn't worked out too well either. At the time of the republican controlled senate and congress when it was sneaked in and not know by the general public along with the secret energy program developed by Dick Chaney.

If you have been listening to the republicans and president, "Bush" saying it's the democrats fault that they are obstructing oil development when they could have done something while they were in total control. They are now using this to influence voters with a oil scare.

The Enron Loophole lets the market set the price of oil by investors. This loophole can be closed and oil prices can drop within one month, that is if the president is really concerned about the price of oil. But Bush and the republicans are going to use this as a "Wedge Issue" this election cycle. It's just like they used "Gay Marriage" in the 2000 and 2004 elections along with national security.

Everything if you haven't noticed that comes out of the mouth of Bush is a lie and he always does the opposite. He said he wasn't going to be in "Nation Building" but when Diane Feinstein went to the Whitehouse in 2000 she found a map of Iraq posted on the wall and Bush was creaming his pants talking about all the untapped wealth and oil in the Iraqi oil fields. You can download the podcast of her talk about this from the "Commonwealth Club of California."

The republicans knowing they can't win this election cycle have pulled this dirty plan out to get people to vote republican.

Like Katrina when the country was flooded Bush was on vacation and this year again Bush was on a European Vacation while the Midwest was being flooded. Again only going to the disaster areas when it was safe and the flood waters have retreated, that is if you remember his big speech at St. Charles Square where he promised to help everyone in the affected areas. Still those areas are being rebuild after the two hurricanes. Texas had no problem of getting aid from the government and was speedily rebuilt without court battles from insurance companies and republican judges voted with the insurance companies that they didn't have to cover people in the affected areas of the South outside of Texas.

Since Bush said he plans now to talk to Iran about the nuclear issue and that everything's on the table. If McCain isn't elected in November I believe that Bush will start bombing Iran before the years end. Whether it's a proxy war don't by another state or is America does it, it's again going to be about oil for his oil buddies.

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