Friday, August 07, 2009

No tax below $250,000

Obama said no taxes on the middle class, people making $250,000 and below. Funny isn’t that’s what congress and senate pull in? Plus they get all those breaks and benefits costing a lot which normal people would have to pay for. All the free airline trips which we would have to pay for. Pelosi gets a jet that can fly from coast to coast because she didn’t like to stop for fuel. Seems like she should rent out part of the space to recoup some of the cost so that tax payer would have to foot the bill every weekend. Her flower bill for the first three months in office was enough to pay three people social security benefits for a year. Then when they retire they get there highest salary times every term they were in office. North Carolina’s Senator Byrd will retire with $12 million a year.  Lucky he’s old and the country won’t be paying that out too long. Still the cut off for the people who can afford to pay taxes bothers me. Now if it was in a more practical range like $50,000 or $60,000 dollars a year that would make more sense.

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