Friday, August 21, 2009

SysFader driving me crazy

What's up with Microsoft products? All the sudden last weekend it started. I turned on the computer and it started doing updates. So far it seems normal but then Internet Explorer started getting errors and the send error message to Microsoft popped up but this message had a debug button which I haven't seen before. Then another message came up, SysFader can't read memory and then a address. You click "OK" on that button and another SysFader message comes up, not a new one but over where the other message was. It sort of is doing a cascade the way it moves across the screen. You can get rid of that message until Internet Explorer is closed. Internet Explorer tries to recover instead of closing something new which I haven't seen before.

It's not only Internet Explorer that's having the problems, all the Windows Live Programs all have problems too. I can't use the mail program. When I start a reply the page goes black and a message comes up saying it was sorry that Windows Live Mail needs to close. I never seen that message and the way it's written either. Photo Gallery doesn't work. You open the program and it sits ther for a while then closes, no messages. Same thing with Windows Live Writer. At first I started to write something then it close. So I opened the program up and let it sit there for a while and it would close.

Windows Live Messenger is acting weird also. I've never seen the window turn black before. I just logged in. So far every things working. I leave it sign in and see it it craps out like everything else is doing.

Checking the web and Microsoft site there are some fixes which don't work. When I sign in using Firefox to any Microsoft site Firefox crashes which is a first for me. I used Google Chome to get some tips but it was flashing on one page. I don't know if this is just a Microsoft program or if this is effecting other programs. Was I just having one of those days with Firefox because it's running just fine now and I did download some Microsoft programs today

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