Tuesday, August 25, 2009

France #1

With the debate over health care and insurance reform being beaten around the public I’ve been hearing all sorts of horror stories from the “Radical Republican Right” spreading lies because they didn’t do their home work and actually go to those countries they are making statements about. “Socialism” the republicans are claiming and a few democrats also most of which are very much uninformed and very uneducated also. Lets face it, insurance companies want to keep everything the same and keep there monopoly status. After the fear mongering and lies that were spread back in the 90’s about the single payer system where every one would get a health card and the government would pay for everything. No rejections, no denial of service, no cancelation of policy because you put in a claim, it sounded real good except for all the lies that the insurance companies spread spending millions to buy off republican to lie for them and buying ad time on TV and radio making it look like the health program would make you wait month for treatment and hold back treatment because it was to costly. Well they are using that same game plan except the republicans just want to be nasty and make Obama loose this bill to make him look bad even though this would be a good program for the country and hold down cost. The baffle them with statistics, pulling numbers out of the republican but but there are used to storing things in there butts like log cabins. Hey let me hear you fart? So you went to Washington and as a tight end but now are a wide receivers packed with special interest plucking. They have learned not to stash the cash in the freezer but places where the sun don’t shine and where no one would one to check.

What the Radical Republicans with there defeat anything even if it’s good for the country except when they got behind Bush and Chaney to start the Iraq war. Then again they were spreading fear, there will be terrorist here under every rock. Spy on your neighbors and turn everyone in where they go off to the secret prisons for years only to find out they were innocent and didn’t know anything. Now suffering from PTSD from the torture or what they called it, “enhanced talking.” So after all those lies for the last eight years and a lot more if you count on what they did while Clinton was president. Newts promise the screwing with America Contract. Before that it was the Regan era. What to buy some cocaine for missiles? That’s when a wing-nut from Texas sent guns money and missiles to Afghanistan to help create the Taliban and El Qaida. The mantra back then was to get rid of communist at any cost. Don’t look at what monsters your crating, remember republicans are short sided look what they did to the economy. Sort term gains with devastating end game.

So, are you believing the republicans lies brought to you again by the insurance industry?

The republicans have been slamming the UK’s health system but they are at #18 and we are at #36 according to the WHO. France is Number 1 according to the WHO. Funny how the places that the republicans say are so bad are better then here. People live longer and healthier then here. So all the lies they have been saying about other countries make the republicans here look like real dummies.

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