Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dick Army works for the bad guys

Listening to Dick speak about health care reform and all his lies he’s speeding. Remember he was the guy that exposed a CIA agent then hid behind the president not to be prosecuted. I thought it was a traitorous offence myself. Well, he’s against the people of the country like most good republican sucking up to monopolies and helping them to stay monopolies. There are a few others spreading lies also. The one that really got me that the radical right republican woman that can’t read. She was reading of a page or so she said on a radio show talking about death board. Palin is no better but she used her body to get places. You know she’s got a tan vagina now for her husband and who ever else she needs to persuade. “I can see Palin’s vagina from my porch.” The health care monopoly has pulled out all the stops spending millions to defeat the public health plan. They have been giving examples of Canadian and UK’s public health saying you get put on a list and it take months to see a doctor, which is completely false. No one there goes bankrupt over getting health care there. Unlike here where 3 out of 5 bankruptcies are caused by medical bills. Lets not forget what the financial industry did about bankruptcy during the Bush years, corporations can claim bankruptcy any time they want but people can’t. So banks and credit card companies flooded the markets with credit card giving them to anyone that could make their mark on a slip saying they will pay for what they bought.

What type of republican moron would say I want insurance companies to restrict service saying those tests aren’t worth it. That wants insurance companies to cancel there policy when they come down with a life threatening illness like cancer. That’s everything thee loudmouths are saying the public plan would do but they are already getting that and want to keep that type of service with all those restrictions. Dick wants you to keep everything the same and so do the monopolies called insurance companies.

Why isn’t anyone bringing up not for profit insurance companies. German did that, converted the for profit companies into not for profit companies with one law. That’s what we need here.

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