Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If it’s good for the country the republicans will hate it

Have you noticed that anything good for the country the republicans will hate it. If they get laws past it’s so some body could make short term gains. Phil Gramm who caused most all the banking and oil price problems got old laws on the book to end so the market could run wild again. The laws he removed were ones that were past after the “Great Depression.” They were to keep banks, investment banks, stock market traders all honest. So Phil Gram working with his wife got a few laws changed and you seen what happened, this big bailout. There was last years spike in oil prices also where the market was manipulated. The republicans were saying we need a completely unregulated market because it will regulate itself. Well, we know that’s not true. That’s like asking a thief not to steel, a fire bug not to light fires, a serial killer not to kill and a stock trader to be honest.

Now that insurance and health care reform is on the table the republicans hate it because it’s regulating monopolies to bring down prices. To keep them honest after all they don’t just sit on all the money they collect they are investors also but the thing is they never loose. If there investment tanks you make up the loss. Your rates for insurance goes up not only in health care but any insurance you have.

If you want to see evil at it’s finest look into Life Insurance. First of all you have to be dead to collect so life is the wrong name. The people that come out to sell you insurance policy will sound real wimpy and talk softly to you. They get what you pay for your life insurance for the first year and a percentage the following years. It’s funny how different companies will make big claims about there companies when basically they are all the same. Better service claim really get me, your dead, you don’t need any services. The way they make it sound is like a energy account to keep the lights on and someone will be there to answer the phone.

Back to what republicans hate and if they hate it then it has to be good for the country. When they were the majority they did what was for big business say passing laws that keep you from filling bankruptcy. Then credit card companies sent out millions of teaser cards to get you hooked. Once you maxed out your card or cards they raised the percentage rate you where charged on the card and if you had any late payments they could raise it even higher setting there rates to what a loan shark would charge. There were load shark laws but the republicans found ways around them like find a state that doesn’t have any limits on the percentage they can charge. The company could be located anywhere as long as they had a office in the state that permitted loan sharking called usury laws. The states catered to the credit card companies since it brought jobs to the states which before only had jobs like farming.

So when it comes to insurance reform where insurance companies can’t cancel you policy they said they would follow states laws which means they will keep canceling people policies when you put in a claim for some expensive life threatening illness like cancer. Of course they will keep taking you money right up to the date you are canceled without giving you any idea that you are going to be canceled but they knew it. So I guess they will be making a national law to make sure that insurance companies can never cancel a policy because of the way they testified in congress.

What would really please me to see happen is like what they did in Germany make a law that all insurance companies are nonprofit. That way the CEO’s won’t be walking away with millions of dollars a year in bonuses because of the amount of money they saved by canceling peoples policies.

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