Saturday, August 15, 2009

Paid Programming

What is paid programming? It’s crap they can’t sell without a long sales pitch where you get sucked in to what they are selling. They always have things like health secrets revealed. New system using the word system to suck you in. It’s got to be good, it’s a system. Ya right, it’s a system of getting your money from your pocket into their pockets. Some of the sales people have been band by the FCC for false claims, that shouldn’t be surprising.  Loose tons of weight without lifting a finger. Then they show a 400 pound woman and supposedly the same woman slender, as before and after pictures using their new secret system for weight loss. Then the small type goes flying by or a guy speed talking blurts out that that results may vary. Whether it’s a knife that will cut a car in half or weight loss or other miracle pill it’s all bad crap if it’s in a infomrcial, pain programming. You think if people could be making tons of money they would be doing it themselves instead of selling the secrets which is the money maker. Where they make their money because what they are selling may work but most likely your wasting you money if you think your going to buy a house for a couple dollars and turn around and be making millions with girls in skimpy bikinis hanging off you arms in just months. I like the one where the guy says you have to be all you can be with a vacuum pump masturbating machine. He’s smiling, his wife is smiling and they say Medicare will or may pay for it.

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