Monday, August 24, 2009

One Cookie fits All

So been trying to get two Windows Live Spaces going. I have both accounts made up using unique names and emails for each account. Then I tried using Windows Live Writer for both accounts. It works fine for one account, this one which I set up and have been building up posting pictures and blogs. The other account has been sitting there doing nothing for a while. I got the Windows Live series of programs when they first came out. I was using mostly Outlook Express for my mail program and got the notice they were doing to drop it and switch over to the new more secure Windows Live Mail. I still have my Microsoft Office Outlook set up and working with all my mail accounts. So, I installed the Windows Live Mail program and the other programs which turned out to be alright. The Gallery program can handle the amount of pictures I have where all the other so called great picture manager programs all crashed big time. Adobe’s proto manager program crapped out right off the bat and needs a bunch of things you need to do to keep it up to date which takes forever to scan your hard drive and make thumb nails. Now that I have one site or space working well and it looks good but I want to change a couple thing still, I decided to set up the Windows Live Writer program for the other “Space” I have. I signed in and was moving things around on the “Space'” and fired up the Windows Live Writer program and went to sign into a new account. Well, it doesn’t work. When you sign in and tell it to remember your computer it put a Cookie or something that says I’m hooked to this account. So trying to set up another account it goes to the first one you set up. No problems with Google Blogger. No problem with the ad-ones to set stuff to Picasa or Flickr or YouTube but getting it to understand that you have two Spaces with two different emails that you sign in with and the title of the Space is different from each other is impossible. When I tried to sign in after that now it wants me to sign on with one email account only. When you click sign on with different account it put the name you don’t want there even though you clicked on the other name. Click sign on with different name or account it goes in circle over and over trying to make you sign in with the name that won’t work for that Space. What’s real ironic is doing a blog entry on the site or Space there’s a line saying to download the Windows Live Writer program. Over all I like the Windows Live Series of Programs even for the minor problems which I can work around. The menus and permission things can be a bit confusing. All the extra junk you can stick on to your Space is a bit much. I’m not one to give out a lot of my personal information or post it on line. Other then that everything is good except for the problem I had to deal with, “SysFader” which many other people have that same problem. That effects IE 8 and the Windows Live Series of program causing them to crash when you open them, but what’s new with problems with Windows and Microsoft programs, it’s always something with them so that’s nothing new.

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