Monday, August 10, 2009

Palin is a looser, quitter, lier

Palin says the the health reform is going to make people sign up to die, what a lie. Then again she made her way from her looks and not her smarts.

The republicans in bed with the insurance companies want to do everything they can to keep prices high and health care for profit. The idea you can only insure healthy people only. Ironically many of the republicans in office couldn’t get insured felt on there own. Tax people pick up there high price. Chaney could get health insurance. He’s had 4 heart attacks, bypass surgery, pacemaker, drugs, everything to disqualify him from being insured.

We need a law to make all insurance companies to be nonprofit. As it is they only spend 28 cents of every dollar they bring in for health. They are also a investment companies and if they loose on a investment they will raise your rates which have nothing to do with your health. They set their profit amount and don’t take anything less.

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