Sunday, August 02, 2009

Weather movie, extra Cheese

I’ve seen bad movies and two of them on NBC in a row, two two week two part movies wasting my time, both times. Something that could have been a one day two hour movie was stretched out filled with crappy music that should have been in a video game and not scored for a movie. This movie was so cheesy. Whether it was the science done without any help from real science people to the cheesy rays coming out of the radar dishes. You know you can’t see magnetic wave no matter how hard you try. Then turning off a storm in the nick of time to end the movie. “Storm” has to be someone’s movie that they won’t use on there resume. What was NBC thinking okaying this movie, then showing it, what were they thinking. Did they make that much in advertising. Makes you wonder if a movie is going to be on NBC that you might not want to watch it because of there history of making in house movies. Well you get what you pay for whether it’s where you watched it, free off air DTV or the NBC people that made this movie.

Just think, next fall they are beating a night with talk show hosts are going to pull them out. Would be nice if they had programs to replace all the infomercials.

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