Friday, August 07, 2009

Who supports republicans

That’s real simple, stupid Americans in states like Alabama. There there are the republicans that are spreading lies about health care reform and the hillbillies believe every word. Only stupid people support republicans because they don’t know any better even though they are voting against what would help them.

If people of Alabama want to be poor hicks with guns, drunk so they don’t see what’s going on while watching stock car races. Fine, but someone should tell them they are really getting screwed. That republicans are big business the ones shipping jobs over seas. Why can’t they see that? Too drunk to see the world and can’t read a news paper or watch the news. I’m sure these are the same people listening to Rush and Fox news. Someone has to listen to that crap and it might as well be stupid people in Alabama.

Stupid people don’t just live in Alabama, Oklahoma is another good place for stupid hicks. Everything they think they are voting for is just the opposite. Republicans don’t have morals at least the elected officials because they are making deals with big business. You think this depression wasn’t started by republicans. Bush giving the oil companies a big bonus before leaving office and trying to get offshore drilling going. Then Phil Gramm and his wife who got commodities and banking finance  deregulated causing these bizarre products that were sold that were over rated. Why the rating companies are in trouble for getting paid for giving products high ratings when they were crap and they knew it but they were paid to rate them high which is a conflict of interest.

If you ask me, the people running the ratings companies need to be placed in jail. Better yet make them pay for everyone’s losses. Not bank but all the people that investing in crap that was rated by them.

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