Friday, August 14, 2009

Why didn’t you care where the money came from for War?

During the Bush years there were silent voices asking how are you going to pay for this war. Republicans made people out as none patriotic if they didn’t support Bush’s Wars.

Now people are whining how are you going to pay for health care when they are going to be the ones benefiting from that health care.

When Bush wanted to privatize social security letting people invest in the stock market with it’s derivatives that fell flat. AIG an insurance company took the biggest bailout but people are forgetting what happened last year. The insurance company AIG couldn’t insure what it was selling. They figured, well no one has made a claim so we won’t put money aside for claims and take that money and invest it in over rated stocks.

Health care will cost less than bailing out AIG and be better for you not them. That’s why the monopolies are spending so much money to stay monopolies. 

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