Thursday, June 16, 2005

Summer and it's going to rain

It's one of those days again where I don't want to get out of bed. Feed the kids some time around 7:00 AM and again around 10:00AM. Momma and her kids just stopped by. The chicks are getting so big so quick. The skunk family is growing rather fast too. I've been noticing a lot of baby squirrels the last few days. I watched one that was on the picnic table and was looking for a way down. He ran back and forth on the table top looking for the shortest distance down. He took a leap of faith and jumped to the seat of the table and went through the same process looking for the shortest distance down.
The "Black Headed Grosbeak's are getting big enough to feed themselves but momma bird still feeds them. They look almost the same size as an adult but the coloring is lighter to blend into the back ground of the forest. The kids are more brown and have a orange stripe on their heads. The parents don't have the orange strip and have black feathers with a brilliant orange color on their bodies.
I watched Mister Stinkers come in last night at sunset. He walked up the old road and down to the creek. I thought he was going to just walk up the creek and to the house. He ducked into the thick forest under brush. Later I saw him walking up the hill. I don't even go up that hill since it's so over grown.
Wow, this is interesting. Their are three young Grosbeak's and one is all black with a brown head. The way they are traveling as a group, it looks like they are all from the same family.
The other day I was watching a more aggressive pigeon on the porch. Usually they don't come on the porch but this one did. I thought he was going to choke on the sunflower seeds. It seems he would crack the seeds but was so hungry he wouldn't finish taking off the husk and swallowed the whole thing. Usually the pigeons just seeing me they will take off but this one didn't care. He just looked at me and kept eating.
Well it look's like I'm going to have to get dressed and head to town soon even though I could just as well sit here looking out the door and watching the birds and squirrels feeding.

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