Monday, September 19, 2005

Concerns about FEMA and Homeland Security, (a must read, please)

You guest had said that FEMA ask for 20 computers and phone lines which surprised me but not really.
Seems the last four years homeland security has turned into a money pit.
We keep spending money and for what?
We really don't have more first responders.
Cities are going out and buying stuff that they don't need like a mobile lab.
They have these wimpy decon outfits able to decontaminate only a few people an hour.
There is no plans set up for any kind of large scale hazard.
So a city has a lab that can tell you what kind of radiation you are dealing with this doesn't save people.
So a few cities have those cool space suits to go into a biological area or some space suits to get close to a radioactive area, they don't have enough suits.
What about mobile hospitals?
We have those in Iraq and they take days or weeks to set up.
Seems FEMA and Homeland Security should have a way of communicating with itself and to the effected communities.
The FBI still doesn't have a workable software program to talk to each other when that is a standard off the shelf product.
We have the best software companies in the world seems like a good idea that we use them.
FEMA should have had laptop computers with hookups to satellite communication.
The directors of FEMA and Homeland Security need to have experience in the fields and not be political appointments.
From what I see the first responders are set up to handle matters like a car accident and not a large scale event.
The idea that the White House said we should use the military over the National Guard is wrong when The Guard was designed just for that.
Seeing the military in New Orleans walking around doing nothing since they were not trained in emergency services was another waste of money.
We were warned from Alquida that Los Angeles will be a target.
When the Los Angeles police chief was asked about it he said, "We don't have any credible threats" and discounted the Alquiada threat.
From every thing I've learned over the past four years it seems that people should be connecting the dots and not discounting them.
Our homeland security needs to be set up like the Civil Defense that we had in the 50's.
A lot of small groups of first responders and small groups shelters across the United States.
When it comes to the leaders of this country that all have a place to hide in the case of attack.
If the tables were turned and they had to wait outside while something was happening the story would be changed.
You could be assured that they would be jumping into action and making the people safe.
This war on terror seems to me a way of scaring the public into spending money on matters that aren't really there.
It reminds me of the witch hunts done in the 50' looking under ever rock for a communist
Bob Sakall
Placerville, California

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