Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Cool morning

It's cool now and I'm watching the deer feed in the field along with the squirrels. It's going to be hot again today, yes in the 100's again. Yesterday it was about 5 PM and I was walking on the hill south of the house. The air was so sweet smelling. The smell of pine was the most dominant it reminded me of being at camp when I was younger. It was a feeling that I used to look forward to every year. For a few minutes I was back in the days of my youth. Smells change and so does times, people and the world. Back then it seemed a lot simpler then today. The farther I remember back in my life it seems life was simpler. Seeing things for the first time without any reference was fresh and impressive. I still get that here but not so much. I still find new plants I've never seen before. I guess it's like watching the baby deer exploring the world. They seem so happy with out a care in the world. I've never seen an animal, which I shouldn't just call them that but they are so happy. They don't bother no one, life is very simple. To say they are animals, bring me to that same level of being an animal. There are so many similarities in all the mammals. There is only minor differences. They don't have to re-download programs because you pressed the space bar and it canceled the installation. No frustrating computers to deal with. Sure they say it's an advancement to the humans but what does it take away. 

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