Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Oil price and drilling in Alaska

In the late 70's we went through a bad oil shortage brought on by Exxon. This was so Exxon could get their way and put in the Alaskan Pipeline. Then we had oil as soon as the okay to put it in the works. If history repeats itself then this oil shortage which we won't find out why it's happening until years later but the new pipeline in the Wild Life Sanctuary. Where they say there will be little impact. People must have forgotten about the Exxon Valdes because they are going to let it happen again. This time in the North of Alaska where it is supposed to be protected land. What's so unusual about this project is that it's going to take years for the project to be put in place but the day the government okays it the price of oil will stabilize. Part of the problem that went wrong was Chaney's plan to lease out the oil field in Iraq but that didn't happen so there is some pissed off oil companies. Bush keeps saying were staying the course but does that mean we are going to be in Iraq until we have every last drop of oil. Generals from the army say were going to have at least 100,000 troops in Iraq for the next four years. Guess that's why they have been building permanent bases since they first invaded the country.
Mean while, Bin's on the loose and Bush isn't doing anything about it. Makes you wonder if Bush out sourced the terrorist. I wouldn't put it past him and the oil companies and military supply chain that would have put him up to it. Say the Carlisle Group.

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