Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Long day

It's been a long day of tree trimming. The good part of the day was watching the birds and squirrel. I never get tired of watching them. Saw two grosbeak today. Friend showed up, a young Stumpy Fella's son. Never thought I'd be naming all the deer but when you can tell them all apart and see how they all act it make them rather special. Trimming the forest of the dead wood to make it look like a fire has cleaned it out is a job. I did that on the south end of the property over three years and it's growing great. Now to the north end where the poison oak bushes are as big as trees. Took a few picture with my 500 mm lens with the Pentax, they came out rather well. Using the Canon they didn't. Not sure why that was, the Canon always worked well. Think it has something to do with no f stop. Thing is I had a Phoenix lens with no f stop and it work well. Maybe the shutter is hanging up. I don't use it enough. Although it will work with a 200 mm zoom lens with f stops. The Pentax I can control that problem. Think I'll be getting a lot of pictures this year. I've been slacking off the past year. Funny, a few years ago I was shooting 12 to 24 rolls a week.

Well, had a nice sit down with my Big Buddy. We both heard a noise of towards the creek then Mr. Stinkers popped up on the road. I see he's wandering up this way and will be here when it's a little more quiet. I know Buddy will run off as soon as he sees Mr. Stinkers. Later this summer I'll keep trying to get close to the little guy. Last year I was laying in the door way and he came right up to may face. Skunks got a bad rap. Then have such a nice coat of fur, it's just amazing. I hope to see some raccoons this year. The first year there was mom dad and the four babies. The deer didn't know what to think of then and the babies didn't know what to make of the raccoons. The deer did try to give them a sniff.

Have my coils almost finished to do my low frequency studies of the magnetic field of the earth. I'm sure I could read more on it but there is some new facts happening to the earth magnetic field. Could we be instore for a polarity shift? Again? From what I've read in college it looks like they happen over a 100 year cycle. So looking a Polaris might be the south pole. What they didn't say about polar shifts is does the planet turn over. That would be a real drag. But it could happen to keep order to the solar system. The suns pole has been constant as far as we know. I still look at it as our planet if like a spark from a welder that is cooling off with the hottest parts keeping it moving until it's cold like mars.

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