Thursday, May 05, 2005

Rainy day but the little critters are out.

New "Life" in spring.

A great looking flower with some great detail.

Lazy day and a little hen getting some rays.

Big Buddy stealing the birds food. He lost a lot of weight since the rut and he's growing new antler.

Last night I had a bunch of deer eating in the field. There was Big Buddy, Stumpy fellow, Friend, Mom Girl and the two babies which are one year old now.

There are a lot of quail and grosbeak out today. My favorite little bird is the nuthatch but the little guys won't sit still to get the picture taken.

You can tell you have a healthy forest by the amount of birds you see. At least that's what I'm gauging my forest by.

I saw Mr. Stinkers last night. I didn't see him come on the porch but I did hear him pushing things around.

I see evidence of the bobcat coming around but I haven't seen him in a few month.

With all the rain we have been getting everything is growing so fine. Going to have a lot of fruit and berries. I think I picked up a little poison oak but it's not bad yet. It's just that I've got the scratches all over. I think what happened was the oil from the poison oak soaked through my sweaty cloths. Well it's sprinkling again and all the little critters ran off for shelter.

When I hear that Kansas is having talks on intelligent design and no science people are there to debate it, it shows me that the country is going backwards as far as science goes. Without people going into the science industries we are just making a country of burger flippers. It's one thing to have faith but to make that faith the law of the land is like Islamic countries making it the law of the land. That's why we went to war in Iraq and won't let them have an Islamic government. So why does Bush keep pushing the Religious Right as the Germany did before WWII? Unless this is a ploy to do the same thing that Adolph wanted to do in making it a "Christian" country. But no one learns from history these days. Hell, you don't even know what you did last week. To ask you what you did last year would be a pipe dream.

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