Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Rain and Wet Skunks

Sprinkled all day and was dark out. Couldn't get moving since it was so gray out just wanted to sleep or at least stay under the covers. It's pouring tonight and I have two wet skunks on the porch. It's worse then a wet dog their hair gets all matted down and not the usual standing up. Feeling sorry for the little guys I put a bag of microwave popcorn out for them. They just love popcorn, don't know if it's the grease on the corn or what. They go at it like jocks eating steaks without their hands. The popcorn is to big for their mouth so they have to chew it to smaller pieces. It's almost like they are attacking the popcorn they way they hop around. Their bodies remind me of a miniature bears. There's a woman back east that sells de-gland skunks and says they make great pets. I'm not one to keep any animal a prisoner for my enjoyment. People that own pets do just that own like they used to own people a 150 years ago. I don't agree with hunters because of their mind set. It the adrenalin rush of chasing and killing something that can't fight back. I guess they might be the same ones that keep their wives in place and own dogs and children and other living things. It might be fun to hunt the hunters with tranquilizer darts. Tie them to the front of your grill as you drive your trophy home. Could you imagine the reaction of a hunter waking up tied to the front of a car on the freeway. Seems like it would be a fair game, a catch and release program. Sneaking up on the sneakers.

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