Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Exxon vs. Alaska, what should happen

Hearing what Exxon has to say for itself as far a weaseling out of responsibility's over paying punitive damages. I think Alaska needs to boot them out and keep all there toys. Exxon has been dragging it's feet all along even when it came to the clean up or reporting that they ran a ground. As Exxon is stating that they want this done under maritime laws maybe that will work too. Take there ships away. Take the pipeline away. Hang the sailors that were on the ship at the time of the spill and any other crew that is in Alaska now. Treat them as a hostile country and invade Exxon around the world. Don't stop until Exxon is no more.

After all they were the ones that caused the oil shortage back in the late 70's to get the pipeline by putting pressure on the people of the United States. There wasn't a shortage.

Corporations need to be held responsible for what they do along with the people that run them. Has they did in days of old, they tarred and feathered the people that hurt a community.

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