Monday, February 11, 2008

It's only torture if it's not legal and there's a law.

Very interesting the way people pose "Water Boarding." The people in the field doing it say it's controlled drowning. While others say is simulated drowning. If it's not stopped then the person will drown so it sounds like the person being water boarded is getting drowned to me. Saying it's not torture because there isn't a law and if there was a law saying it was legal then it's not torture. The the Attorney General was asked if he had it done to him was it torture, he said yes. I think before the pass a law that any law maker need to have to have been water boarded to see if it's torture or only simulated drowning. After all this was a technique use in the Spanish Inquisition and that where the church was doing some rather nasty stuff. So I guess next they will be passing laws on "The Rack" saying it's simulated stretching. That "The Iron Madden" is simulated punctures.

What gets me is that if another country used that on our citizen or military it's illegal and it has been for many-many years. It's on the books that way but now it seems that you could be in "That Group," "Those People" who are out to get us. After all it's us or "Them, right?

Then again you could be labeled one of those without a trial and be held without a trail in some jail in another country where no one even know where you are. So I guess you need to watch out what you say and to whom you say it. Never check out a library book, read it there. Because "They" are watching.

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