Thursday, February 28, 2008

McCain to follow in Bush's foot steps.

McCain is getting senile and wants to follow the loosing strategy of Bush's. Out of touch and out of mind with real Americans. Must be getting to old for complex thinking other wise he wouldn't be sucking up to Bush. He forgot what Bush has done and said about him. Not good, short term memory loss. Saying that the invasion of Iraq is in the past and we shouldn't worry about it. He must be getting a big check in some secret bank account to have such a turn around. Why would we want a president that doesn't know anything about the economy, he said it. He just following the same stuff Bush is doing a touch of death to anything he touches. We can't let big business have a president that's bought off like Bush or Bush's brain Chaney. After hearing Bush's speech today talking about drilling for oil in a wild life refuge it's clear to me that the high price of oil is just like before the Alaskan pipeline was built and Exxon manipulated the market. Mean while Bush keep pumping oil into the ground in what called the Strategic Oil Reserve, a program the was started to put oil in the ground when oil was cheap. Some one, most likely Bush's friends are making record amounts of money. They don't even have to refine the oil just pump it into the ground. If you can drill a hole to pump oil into this salt dome than others can drill a hole into that salt dome and pump it out without anyone knowing. Then you just sell the oil back to the Strategic Reserve and the cycle goes round and round. The price of oil won't go down until Exxon gets it's way and gets to drill in Alaska.

Bush and McCain think big business need more tax breaks and not to pay taxes. History is repeating itself just like the Roman Empire fell because the rich never paid taxes and the poor had too until it failed.

As far as the world goes, the republicans still don't believe in any science except when it can be used to make money such as refining more oil or burning coal.

If no one caught it today in Bush's speech, he said, "Until we can find a way of sequestering coal" and not sequestering Carbon Dioxide.

Poor Bush did too much partying and now has a wet brain that's why he stammers with his words. It's permanent brain damage. He wants to think he's in charge so when he's "The decider" he won't go back on any decisions. He's insecure about his decisions and his mental capabilities.

Just like Katrina and the lack of a response there he's doing the same thing with the economy. Let's wait and hope it fixes itself then take credit for it. Drunks are like that you know.

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