Friday, February 12, 2010

Is Katie Couric making you depressed


If you noticed the news lately Katie tells you how you feel according to her poles. Every day it’s something, how we vote, how bad we have it, asking crazy questions to her talking heads. Those talking heads, well you can buy anything you want to hear. Unfortunately it’s all depressing things the way Americans feel. Nothing like the bad news day after day. No one ask me how I feel and how I vote and if I can see through the media hype. What I don’t understand is why Katie and CBS always gets some Bozo to tell the viewers the bad parts of everything. When it came to the health bill they got those drunk GOP leaders that only say no to defeat the democrats just because without a valid reason. Are big interests influencing the news to give one party a boost. Katie never talks about the good parts of the health bill, just the wankers that want to stick some sort of bizarre addition to the bill which makes the bill worse and not serve the people. Does CBS really serve the people are make the people confused to vote one way, the wrong way

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