Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What about that next storm

Turned on the TV today to watch the Weather News. Really bothered me seeing that the storm clouds off the coast had a sign over the storm clouds saying, “SNOW.” Going to have to stock up one things so I don’t run out. Last time I was snowed in for a week without power and phone. Was a real drag, no computer and internet for a week. Stock up on batteries after that. Bought more LED flashlights. So now I have 5 LED flashlights that run on AAA batteries. What I like about the LED flashlights is they work for a real long time. As I was checking out more expensive flashlight I notice that one had a LED that was about 3/8ths of a inch square. That must be bright and use some power. It was a a discount store so it was around $10 dollars or so. I seen a cool lantern that had a conic shaped parabolic mirror. The LED’s were facing upwards into the mirror, this made the light spread out to the side. I bought a small on with the same idea from Wal-Mart for $5 dollars. It’s a handy little one with magnets in the base which will hold the lantern to a metal surface and support the lantern.

So I’m ready. Batteries in the portable radio and spares. Extra canned and dried food. Want to find those boxes of milk that you don’t need to refrigerate. I’ve checked a couple stores so far and they didn’t have them. If my laptop had one of those trick internet things that plug into you USB port and connect to the internet I’d be set. Need to figure out how to make the UPS work for more then turning off the computer. Be nice to hook then up to a 12 volt car battery so the UPS units would stay on longer. Give me a little AC power. You know, need to blow my hair dry.

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