Monday, February 01, 2010

Desktop Working

Finally got my desktop computer working again. Been a real headache and a lot of reading. Found that things in the TEMP file needed to be deleted. Had those bogus files appearing again. Deleted all the files in the TEMP directory and now it runs fine. Got rid of all the Temp internet files too. Were a lot of those too. I hate those files with nothing it them. Increased the drive space by deleting directories where Microsoft installed a program and left it there. Don’t understand why programs that were unpacked weren’t deleted after they were done installing instead of sitting there taking up space. I have the compressed file which I’ll same. I could make a disk of the uncompressed files but why. So happy that I have one computer that’s running Windows Live Mail. Hard to play around with that to get all the accounts working and be able to sign in. Not sure what that was about. Been having problems with Internet Explorer 8 for some reason but it works for a while. I like Firefox that doesn’t crash my internet connection. What ever the install program from windows that’s popping up goes to Windows Live Writer.

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