Friday, March 25, 2011

Cut it all, we want it for free

Republicans want to keep cutting the budget and don’t care if the state works because they get paid no matter what. Talk about a group that needs to be furloughed, it’s our state republicans since they aren’t doing anything but costing money and taking up space. Let them all go Jerry, they don’t matter. They are shells of humans that say no. Do you like this? No! What about this? No! Can you work with others? No! They are worthless. They are getting paid to solve problems but instead they cause more problems. Maybe the cuts should all go to the republicans districts. Let them figure out how to fund their school without state money. See what the people in the district say when they don’t bring home the bacon but get what they said, “no.”  “No funds for you, back of the line!” You don’t want to solve problems and want to cut everything hindering the state? Great, the cuts start in your back yard. No funds to fix your roads. No more funds for anything since you don’t want anything. Why should tax payers put money into a republicans district that isn’t going to help the state. You don’t want to pay for things then you get nothing. You get what you pay for, nothing. You want to sit in office getting paid for doing nothing that needs to change and start punching a clock like the majority of the state. You don’t want to work with others then you get a time out and have to stand in the corner. This none logical idealism has to stop. It’s too bad that the republican believe in myths and not facts. They don’t believe in science but will go to the hospital when they are ill. That’s not logical. No more getting others to pay your way if you don’t want to take part. No votes, no money.

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