Friday, August 19, 2011

Lady Bugs

I was looking at this orange color and wondered what it was so I got closer and discovered it was moving, it was Lady Bugs. Thousands and thousands of Lady Bugs on the roots of the tree near the creek.

I first was shown the lady bugs a couple months ago when they were cutting down the grass in the park with weed eaters. One of the guys brought me over to one side of the creek where they covered the ground. I was heading to town at that time and by the time I got back it was dark out. I forgot about it thinking they would be gone. At that time there was millions of the lady bugs covering the ground in an area about 50 by 50 feet. I looked across the creek to see if they were still there in the grass after it was cut down but they weren't. They must have been feeding on the grass that was growing there before it was cut down. I've noticed that some plants will grow in only one spot. It might be just the right amount of shade, right amount of water, right amount of sun. Also some plants will grow under other plants and you never see those plants because of the taller plants cover the smaller plants. When you cut the taller plants away then the plants under the taller plants will die off because they can't handle the harsh sun light. It's like having pine trees and under them ferns growing in the shadows. There are wild flowers here that only grow under some trees. I have wild lilies that grow only under one spot of pines. There's a blue flower and a white flower that hangs downward like a lantern that only grows in one area around here. There's one flower that grows near the apple trees and no place else.

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