Friday, August 19, 2011

Looking Up

So, what's out there. Lots of things like this the Andromeda galaxy. Something the size of the moon across but real faint on the sky. There are more then one galaxy here. The two in the foreground and the smaller spots in the background. M31 the main picture and M33 the lower center galaxies. Then there are the globular clusters groups of stars in a group. It's amazing how big this is and because of light pollution had to see without a telescope. You can see the ghost star at night if you know where to look. There's a lot of free star programs that are open source free to download and have. It's amazing what the space telescope Hubble has shown us. Now NASA is making a new telescope to replace Hubble, The Web telescope will be 80 foot across and be stuck away from earth. It's amazing to thing that a rocket will put this telescope out there where it unfolds and becomes a mirror with in wave lengths of being perfect. Unfortunately the tea baggers said you went over budget and we are going to cut your funding to punish you. This is a one of a kind telescope something never made before and boneheads that don't understand anything about science or economics are making judgments about what NASA's doing.  So the parts are made and now it need to be put together in a clean room a real big clean room. Shall we give the Chinese the telescope parts so they can finish it? Remember the tea baggers were ready to crash the economy to prove their point. What that point was is their heads are very pointy.

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