Monday, August 22, 2011


Now that's a moth. The vertical metal bar is 1/2 inch, 12mm -13mm. The eyes reflect light back out and with UV light they light up. They blend in with tree bark which fits the area. I've seen only one bug bigger then this one that hit the screen door one night. I thought it was a bird when I looked. Looking closely at it I discovered it was a very large insect and happened to be one of the types of bark beetles. As the year goes by, different insects come and go. There's a small stingerless wasp about the size of a somewhat large ant that starts coming out this time of year.  They are very annoying because you will find them crawling just about everywhere when you decide to relax. Under the eye glasses is really the most annoying. Birds show up at different times of spring and summer depending on the type of insects. Worms are a favorite treat for the robins. If the ground is wet in the morning the robins show up. There are several other bird I see bathing in the morning at the water. They have to get the little bugs out of their feathers. Turkeys on the other hand take dirt bath and choke the pests away. It's so interesting to see mother turkey teaching baby bird how to do this. Long lived animals have so much teaching they do. For a male it's several years before he moves up to a leader. The seven girls a group from one family of turkeys didn't mate but stuck together for two year and mated on the third. This same group of girls chased off a black bear, charging at the bear wings flapping and crying out. The bear took off running cross the road, down the bank of the creek and up the other side disappearing into the trees of the forest.

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