Tuesday, January 06, 2015

McConnell will have to start working at his new job

Mitch McConnell has best been know for running for office and obstruction. He’s a natural born road block, a speed bump, a log in the road, just say no and a promise to block everything Obama does and grind government to a holt. Well, stopping the government sort of backfired on him. Running for office is Mitch’s big thing. He gets elected and starts immediately on running for the next election. He’s a favorite in dirty tricks along with the rest of the republicans and the extreme right powers that be.

There is a group of extremely rich people that want their way so they buy politicians. The Tea Baggers were just the first wave of those politicians paid for by the Koch brothers and a few others who will spend millions to have power behind the scenes.

Color me apprehensive. Ever since George Wallbanger Bush was appointed president by the republican leaning supreme court I have to question every election. When the company that makes the voting machines and says that the republicans are going to win with these machines and doesn’t let anyone check the machine to see if the operate correctly the fix sure sounds like it’s in. Then hearing that small towns with 5,000 people have 12,000 people vote. The fix sure does seem in. No one ever got to look into these computer mystery machines. It would have been good if the code was open source to protect the country from fraud in the machines.

Now there’s the cross state voter rules that republicans pulled out of their ass. If there’s one or more names in another state that sounds like a voter in that state they can cross them off. They said they would send out cards that if you mail it in then you will stay on the voting rosters. The card looks like junk mail. The republicans say that there are too many Parks in these states so they can’t all be different voters. The Park in one state must have been going to other states and registering there also.

I really don’t trust the radical extreme right because they will do anything to get their way. Some people are so greedy that they will choose pollution, global warming and burning all the fossil fuels they can to get more money and stay in power. Corporations aren’t loyal to any country and need to be taken down. If they don’t want to pay taxes then don’t let them work or sell here. Let them live on a tiny island some where and work there and keep them from countries that will work together to make a better planet.

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