Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What is the media talking about?

The cover picture or toon on Charlie Hebdo is just a stereo typical Arab not a profit. When you think Arab it looks like the cover toon. Looks more like Bin Ladin then anyone and he wasn’t a profit. What if the so called profit was a few hundred pounds and not a skinny typical Arab? There isn’t any picture or drawing of the profit so no one can get mad about and drawing because the drawing is just a drawing of a stereo typical Arab. I don’t know what the media is talking about, it’s a cartoon of a rag headed person with sheets on. Doesn’t look like anyone I’ve ever saw before not even in a picture or drawing. It really gets me how the media is making such a big deal about the cover page after the terrorist attack. With the same logic of the media you can look at a happy face and say that looks like George Bush. Sponge Bob sort of looks like Chaney doesn’t it? Maybe it was his lawyer friend that he shot in the face, before he shot him in the face.

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