Tuesday, January 20, 2015

State of the Union, GOP future: to Spank the Monkey

The Republicans say no to everything the nergo president has to say. No tax cuts for the poor and middle class. They say, we need tax cuts for the job creators. we know that doesn’t work because it never worked in the past. GOP reply, yes people are working harder and longer for less because the job creators are keeping all the money and not giving raises to the workers. Corporations are not people! Corporations are not dedicated to the country but to the share holder. They could give a rats ass what happens to the country a long as the congress persons they bought and paid for give them tax breaks and special monopoly deals. When the price of computers are coming down but the price of communication keeps going up. Why because congress is paid off to let the telecoms fix prices. There’s no competition in the telecoms. There’s too few telecoms. We need to take a lesson from the E.U.’s play book and control the pipes and rent them out to the many telecoms. This would let start up telecoms to get started with little money. In United Kingdom there are over 400 telecoms renting pipes from the government. Speeds are higher for less money per month. Would be nice to have USB 2.0 speeds for $6 to $8 dollars a month. A 1GB city for less then $20 dollars a month. There are third world countries with higher speeds then what we have. Look at the people living on a dollar or two a day who can afford to have cell phones in those third world countries. Why do their prices come down while ours are fixed by the telecoms to get the highest prices and not the highest amount of service.

Bitch McConnell plans on attacking the EPA saying that the EPA is too complex with all it’s laws, it just makes my head spin. He doesn’t say that his wife needs to sell that crappy coal that can’t burn here. So Bitch McConnell wants to change the standards and lower them so there can be higher pollution. He doesn’t care about the center of the country he lives in Washington dirty air doesn’t bother him.

Inhofe has a super fund site sitting there waiting to be cleaned up so the native Americans can have their land back after all the lead has been taken out of the ground and polluted the water ways. The water ways are left without birds or fish because of the toxic lead mess. Houses are falling in sink holes. Well, they aren’t really sink holes but falling into the mine below that is now flooded. Before the mine closed they said they would fill the mine with all the tailings thus solving the tailings problem but they said no we can sell the tailing for making roads but the tailing were full of lead dust and can’t be used. So, while they were playing hide the bone the mines filled up with water and now they are inexcusable. They tailings are miles high and go one for miles blowing lead dust every where. They had to move all the people out of many of the towns because of the health hazard and because they are sinking into the mines. What a nice republican lead state. Now they are also having earth quakes because of all the hydraulic fracturing being done.

Texas is also having earth quake swarms too because of all the hydraulic fracturing. If Texas cleaned up the state and scraped the top layer of soil off they would have years of tar sands to refine. Many of the costal cities are facing a rising sea level. They need to build a wall or move the city inland. It’s amazing how those southern states manipulate the people to get the mindless inline to play follow the leader down the rabbit hole. Too bad the rabbit hole is a road to hell.

If you want to watch a country go down hill then look at the death of NASA. Every year they keep getting the budget cut. Texas has a half built linier accelerator that congress pulled the plug on. It would have been as big or bigger then CERN but congress had no vision. They wanted a quick buck and got Glass/Stegal act repealed and a few years later the country was bailing out the banks just like several people predicted would happen. The last budget congress didn’t learn from last time after the Glass/Stegal act was repealed and the banks crapped out. AIG insured all the losers and needed to get a bailout. All the car companies needed help to stay afloat. Still they aren’t building the cars of the future but what we have in left over parts.

If NASA would doubled or tripled it’s budget that would bring jobs to the country that can’t be exported. We are not doing anything but low earth orbit stuff. No plans to go to the moon. No moon base plans. Mars is way off. The people going to mars haven’t been born yet unless we get in gear and start doing some science. The spinoffs from NASA was always big business and we sure could use them now. All the people that have been coming here to learn and now returning home and excelling past our country leaving us in the dust.

So, what are the republicans going to do? Are they going to crash the economy and show those democrats how it’s done? People forgot Bush and Chaney who make Nixon look like a Boy Scout. While Bush was in office I kept saying to myself they are going to burn out the country. They are doing this on purpose too. They know they rapping the country and don’t care.

So what are those sneaky republicans going to do? Close down the EPA? Go after the money in Social Security? They can’t stand it all that money just sitting there set aside for the people but they want that money to feed the rich. What would be good to do is get rid of the Federal reserve bank and Nationalize it. Screw those rich people that own the bank. Just make a cut off and nationalize the bank. That’s a heavy stone tied around the neck of the country and it’s setup so that we can never pay the bank back and come down to a zero balance. The banks owners are living off the interest and count on it. That’s why we need to get rid of the bank by nationalizing it.

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