Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Evangelical, the idiot vote

Evangelical the idiot vote because they haven't learned in seven years that some one that says they are church going evangelical are not moral and don't have ethics. They want another four years of a Bush like look a like. You have to remember evangelicals do not believe in science but myths. When it comes to picking a person with morals, republicans have no morals and support big business and will be shipping your jobs over seas. Then again you have to think about those inbred red states, you never hear someone say, "I'm moving to Cow-sniffer, Texas because it more moral" or that it has better job opportunities. No, everyones moving to California because of the morals this state has because it's open minded, it has the best high tech jobs. Not to mention that the weather is better then getting flooded out every year or ice storms. The red states still have their heads in the sand following the leaders of their churches because they don't have minds of their own. They almost finished high school and don't need to learn anything more because they know it all. As far as saying those red states have morals then why is the divorce rate higher in red states then the blue states. When it comes to hate crime you only have to look and say it's a red state, that's what they do there, too much inbreeding. Now there's the people shooting up places, again red states, church goers. Reverent Ted the gay meth smoking preacher who didn't have sex with a man in Denver but a suburb of Denver, so he was telling the truth he didn't have sex with a man in Denver. Now he's cured of his gayness but he still can fart normal. Wonder if his wife is a back door person.

To hear those evangelicals say they are picking out a moral candidate, well we saw how they pick out a moral president last time, must be that short term memory loss because of smoking meth and they forgot what happened seven years ago. They forgot that this so called compassionate president started a war and has not only been blowing up unborn children but the mothers too. Mean while they still want to save embryos that a destine for the trash and prevent cell research thinking that scientist are going to make a Frankenstein human. Those same church goers still believe that Iraq had something to do with 9/11. They believe that weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. If any state needed a literacy test it would be the red states. Set a standard, you didn't get through high school you can't vote until you do. Let not forget the ranch hands that think being gay is wrong but love those sheep in a carnal way and think nothing of it.

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