Monday, January 28, 2008

The Future of North America

A couple interesting links I became aware of. I'd say they are a bit disturbing as far as the future of the country and our liberties. It's one step towards a one world totalitarian government or corporation.

The secrete law that was past to take over the country and provide the president king like powers over our system of government without any checks and balances. If this is enacted the president could wage war with any country without the approval of congress.

A few ideas about the North American Union and the future of what big business has in store for the people of North America along with the change in our money.

As far as global warming goes, it seems that big business hears the peoples concerns but plans to do nothing about it but fill the TV screens with dancing elephants and tell us how good they are and the coal and oil are clean fuels. Trucks driving down the road with rainbows which mean nothing because the diesel engine is the dirtiest engine and produces a substance that if you smell it and your breathing that smell it's like breathing asbestos. Something that the trucking industry has been covering up for 70 years. Misinformation will be the way of the future along with fear. Fighting the ultimate war a enemy that you can't see or find. It's a new world order where the government reads your mail, your email, listens to your phone call and tracks your every move.

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