Monday, January 28, 2008

Sounds of Silence

The storm has past. The winds are down to nothing but a calm nothing. A light dusting of snow is on the branches and everything not in contact with the wet ground. Last night was a different story with the wind whipping and rain falling along with branches. Things were hitting the house but I didn't go out to find out what the noises were, it was safer and warmer inside. I heard the UPS units trip and alarms go off, that's when I turned the computer off. I didn't even notice the lights dim or flicker but wasn't going to take any chances. The security light was turning on due to the movement outside. There was nothing there but wind and rain. The little birds are out looking for seeds to eat silently. A squirrel is here eating sun flower seeds that I throw out along with some cracked corn for them. Life's hard for the little creatures of the forest. They don't get a break if the weathers bad out, they need to eat no matter what. I saw a raccoon on the porch as I was getting ready for bed, it was all wet with it's hair sticking together. It didn't mind me looking out the door because food was the only thing on her mind. It was a hash night for them all but now it's calm like an empty room. The ground is moving with the little bodies of the Juncos, sparrows, doves and the one squirrel. There's seeds under the snow on the picnic table and the birds are getting them out by flapping there wings to blow the snow away. I wouldn't say I was scared last night but it was an ere feeling Time to make a cup of coffee and watch the little birds with wonder.

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