Monday, January 28, 2008

"The Speech" keep on doing the same

Nothing new just took an hour of my time. It's full speed the same. More war spending. He did say he would start funding the vets after cutting their budget for that past 7 years. He still wants to privatize Social Security saying that something bad will happen in the future if we don't do something now. Well, if you didn't spend the 75 trillion dollars that were suppose to be set aside then it would still be there.

Bush is still the axes of evil and it radiates out to his friends and families. Big money talks and the rest of us just have to eat crap.

If you think your rich, rich starts at about 800 million dollars. The rest of the people are the lower class unless your giving a donation to the campaign then they have their hand out and smile and promise you the moon. After they are elected they wouldn't piss on you is you were on fire.

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