Saturday, March 22, 2008

Here's the BEEF about MSRA

Been trying to find out more about MSRA and how it's past around hospitals. Looking at the state web site they have a real cute cartoonish PDF about MSRA. This link above has one thing I was interested in because my father seem to be contaminated by dirty laundry. Where the hospital didn't do the laundry properly and left things like heavy deposits of soap in the garments. If that has happened then I believe that the cloths with fecal matter were just distributed to other cloths contaminating every one that came into contact with them.
Looking up the hospital and the residence complaints there were none.
What gets me is there's no reporting of how the contaminations happen. To find out which hospital has a problem is real hard also since they are paying customers to the search engines then nothing negative comes out about paying customers.
Seems to me that every hospital should have all the errors and infection that happen in a state data base which a law was past last year to have. Finding out that information is another endeavor though.
Working with data bases over the years, even a phone list which I do is better then the states data base. Sort of reflect how the government works. The FBI hired a company in San Diego to make up a data base search program. Millions of dollars and years later the program didn't work and the company was fired, having to start the whole process over.
According to this web page the state requires that MSRA infections need to be reported. This is great for the state but how can you make an informed decision on what hospital you want to go to.
Here's a list of the common infections in the state but it doesn't tell you where they are and what the density is in the city areas.
I don't want to see a fact sheet that tells me what to do to prevent the infections because I know that. I want to know where those infections are and in what density. The USGS has risk maps and shake maps where earthquakes could happen. This same approach should be available with infections. Hearing on the news that "West Nile" infection happened in this one person in this one area doesn't give you a true information on the density of the mosquito infections and how the population of mosquitoes are. Saying we found a bird contaminated in this one area doesn't give you much information. What is the density of mosquitoes in that area. This year was the first year I've seen mosquitoes all year round because it never got cold enough to kill the insects this winter. It's also the driest it's ever been here since I've moved here too. My creek hasn't flowed all year which it used to when I first moved here did. I used to get as much as three feet of water in the creek in the winter months but it seems no one is really interested because other pressing problems like the state budget, the war on terror or terrorist, the economy, sub-prime loans, the recession, or the price of gasoline are more important. I guess money is more important then having a planet that will support life is more important.
Well I'm rambling so I'll stop and continue doing my research on hospitals and infections.

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