Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who they did that and why they are not protecting it

Attorney General says FBI is still getting US citizens personal information and it's even more then they requested. Mean while Bush insists that congress pass a bill giving a blanket protection to companies gathering information about people. Rather it's a phone call, a email or text message like on a blackberry which purposively is one of the communications that caught Spitzer. Congress wants to know what they are protecting but Bush won't tell them.

I agree that you can't make a law protecting some one or some thing if you don't know what it is. We still can't find out why the whitehouse had some people fired and the emails from the whitehouse which are suppose to be archived. The torture tapes were destroys and it wasn't an ooops of one tape being taped over, it was 200 to 300 tapes that were destroyed.

The idea that you trust a person that lied about a war and why he wanted to get into it and now it looks like they are planning for this war to continue at least for another 10 years. We are been blasted day after day why we need to invade another country because of a weapons development program they gave up 5 years ago. But Bush doesn't believe the intelligences and insists he knows better.

This sound like the same things the Germans did before they invaded Poland, being told that Poland was planning to attack them so they need to attack Poland before they attack.

So, big brother is watching you also listening and reading your mail. You can now get tortured. FBI and law enforcement can do what they call a sneak and peak into your house without a warrant. To me this doesn't even sound like a country of laws anymore. It sound more like the totalitarian countries the president is talking about to be democracy to. I guess the next step would be secret prisons for the dissidents what we got that already, Gitmo and a numerous other secret prison in countries you never heard of. We have private army contractors bigger then the army's of many counties. 50% of the contractors in Iraq are this private army which just so happens to be called Blackwater an acronym for oil or hasn't everyone got that yet. The police dogs and enforcers of the corporations. Also a friend of the republican Neo-Cons.

My God, we have become them, the people we have been taught to hate.

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