Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's the sun and blossoming flowers

What a great day, the sun is out. The plum, pear, cherry and willows trees have buds and flowers. There's also daffodils opening up. Last night I had the windows open until 10 PM. The air smells so fresh and clean. The little birds are out, so are the squirrels. The young squirrels are playing with there little friends the game of chase, testing out their squirrel skills. Winters not over and it's spring like weather. Hope it doesn't have any snow in the future like past years where it knocked off the blossoms of some of the fruit trees. That was a poor years for fruit. If it stays like this with gentle rain then it's going to be a good fruit year but it's going to be dry. The creek hasn't got any water. Last two years the creek was flowing but stopped early in the year. When I first moved here the creek flowed all year round. Lot's of deadwood to trim from the trees. A happy forest is a clean forest. There's a calm right now with the birds and squirrels everyone is enjoying the day. In about an hour they will be back to get the last snack before they perch in the trees for the night. Last night was nice hearing the first owls and frogs.

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