Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You get what you pay for

Why do men hirer $1000 dollar a night prostitutes? Hearing some explanations on the radio really didn’t make sense for me. Saying it was daring for that man. That it was for convenience purposes when a mate wasn’t available.

What I see is a person with the money to spend a $1000 dollars for a night for a professional woman is because he can. You get a quality woman someone of the beauty as a movie star if not better. They are clean a disease free. I’m sure if you gave any average “Joe” on the street the money or the woman and say, have at it, they would take it in a New York minute.

If you noticed the news has said that many of the girls cost up much more then $1000 a night. I’m thinking they are something real special. The news also compared Bill Clinton as hiring a prostitute also, wonder how that make Monica feel, well I guess she was a working girl in one way or another.

To hear all these people especially the republicans being outraged after being caught many times soliciting sex from some one, Larry Craig. Or a minister saying how bad homosexual is then he finds out he is one and have been paying a male prostitute plus doing methamphetamine, Reverent Ted who said he didn’t have sex in Denver as his defense, since it was in a out lying area. That was the truth as far as saying it was not in Denver. He never denied that he had sex with a male prostitute or did speed and it wasn’t a little speed like a casual user might get it was a ¼ ounce, something that a person could use for a couple months. Maybe he needed a bump to write all those anti gay sermons on the mount. Then he went to anti-gay camp and was cured of his gayness, ya right.

As far as Elliot goes, I say right on for getting quality goods that men only dream about. As far as how they found out about it, that warrant-less wire tapping really works when you want to destroy a political opponent. Then again the very rich companies that he went after have enough money a resources that they could monitor his behaviors and find out just about anything about anyone. Just look at all that junk mail that is targeted towards you. Republicans are feeling rather desperate right now and won’t stop at anything to win. So the man is human and had to relieve a little tension, it just cost more then the average guy could pay but if they could I’m sure they would be giving them a call.

If you listen to the pop culture there aren’t very many singers that don’t talk about getting a professional woman. You get what you pay for.

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