Tuesday, April 29, 2008

and justice for those who can afford it

Since I was small I've been saying the pledge of allegiance. As I get older and wiser I've discovered the without money and a lot of it you can't get justice. The truth can't set you free but end yourself in jail. Lies work. Never say anything without a lawyer. It's only when you can buy off people do you get your justice, what you paid for anyways.

If you look at stock brokers who steel billions, they got to jail for a few month if that, while some poor back robber excluding John McCain who robbed a Savings and Loan they end up in jail for 20 years. Fraud is a bigger crime affect more people but has less jail time and you get to keep the money too.

We need to change the laws where someone like a elected office convicted of fraud or what every it is, they go to jail for the crime plus go to jail one year for each person they affected. So it they affect every tax paying in the country that would be about 300 million years. It would keep our elected official on the up and up and doing the right thing for this country and not doing what's right for them.

There are more white collar crimes that affect the whole country then any one single crime that one person does with a gun. Judges are biased in favor with the rich people because they get funds to get re-elected or they end up with a house addition, a new car or sky box for a season. They call it the cost of doing business. When judges get busted from smoking crack, do they go to jail. No, they get a teaching job to tell other future lawyers how to stay out of jail and still get favors. They still get to practice law at their same high rates which is ridiculous. No one is work $400 dollars an hour or more. Even CEO take home so much for failing a corporation.

We need federal laws to balance the playing field and that field can't be changed without a act of congress who seem to vote themselves a raise any time they feel like it.

Working for hourly rates in this day and age is a form of oppression or what I see as a form of slavery. Sure you get something but there is always those changing the rules so you'll never get ahead. Right now energy prices are going up faster then inflation which I think inflation was invented to keep the masses down. Say you put money in the bank. The bank uses it and makes money with your money but they never pay you enough to keep up with inflation. The interest is always 1% less then the inflation rate.

Fluctuations right now in the value of the dollar are going to help the rich and not the masses. I really think that this past 7 years has been a big manipulation of the market and the people to benefit the extreme rich. As they collect your money right now saying everything cost more they are always coming out ahead. When the dollar regains it's value, like when the next democratic president is in office those inflated dollars will be worth so much more.

Today Bush said he has a way of solving the oil or gas problem by drilling in Alaska's wild life refuge. Exxon is just doing the same thing they did in the 70's by diverting oil to other countries causing a shortage here. It's been suggested that gas tax be suspended during the summer months, money which is supposed to go for road improvements so bridges won't fall down but that money that is suppose to be set aside is spent on other things in the general fund.

How people can start wars for oil and lie about it amazes me but the American is so stupid and believes everything on TV unlike countries where it gets to be debated to find the truth. Mike Moore's movie talked about a pipeline going through Afghanistan. Everyone discounted that and most likely don't even remember the movie since they don't remember last week.

If it's one thing I've been learning is that crime pays and it pays very well. Look at Waste Management, a mob owned disposable company squeezing out the little guys over the years until one company is in every city across the country. You would think there's money in trash but the mob so it as a long term investment.

A billionaire in Texas who made his money in oil is now buying up the water rights around Texas and surrounding states. He said you can't drink oil. He's true and he's going to put a price on water just like oil. He's not the only one companies from other countries are coming here and buying up water right because we will sell anything for a short term profit.

Is there anyone out there that wants to do the right thing for this country without taking away a big profit? Some one that will do something for the long term goals of this country. So far all I've seen is people talking telling me lies.

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