Monday, April 28, 2008

Old Dogs can't learn new trick

It seems the people of the dust bowl want to continue and prove the scientists are right about global warming be doing everything they shouldn't. I have met all the brainless people that think they know what they are doing is right even thought scientist tell them they are doing the wrong things. Being a observer and photographer I study people. I see so much in there faces that tell me they don't know what they are talking about. For instance, if you have a well it's not a good idea to flood your property with chemicals which soak into the water table. Trying to tell them that is like talking to a wall. Telling people that longer grass keep water in the ground and you need to water less but that is another brick wall. Looking at the presidential race is a good example of idiots that don't want to learn but believe sound bytes in slanderous commercials. From the stats I heard most of the republican believe that weapons of mass destruction were found even thought it's been in all the news papers and on all the news channels that it wasn't. They believe that 9/11 was partly caused by Iraq even though the fact show and even came out from the 9/11 commission that Iraq had nothing to do with it. These must be the same people that watch sport and think that's more important then the facts. Then again people who watch sports all drink to excess which is pushed by the government so that you wouldn't look at the real fact of what's going on in this country. Why are there s many idiots and inbred people here, that are totally mindless of what is going on in the world. Last years Miss America was a good example of brainless people. You can get so for with your looks then become someones trophy wife because you won't make it in the real world where you have to work for a living. Then again, your good looking so you could become a high priced call girl with your good looks. I don't understand how people pick the people running for office, it must be a dart game where they place the ballot on the wall and throw darts at it.

People move to the mountain where I live and want to bring the city with them destroying nature a they go. Why plant plants that take more water then natural plants that have been growing here for millions of years. Erosion is another problem that they can't grasp. Since you strip the plants off that hold the soil in place and it washes away and they wonder why. It also creates flooding in low lying areas because there's no water sheds in the mountains anymore. Then when there house is floating away they wonder why.

They is one thing I've noticed about the air, that there is no sunset that doesn't have a brown sky. I was watch Carrier on PBS last night were they were in the middle of the ocean and there sunsets were all brown and red because of air pollution.

What's wrong is these people can't learn. They do the same thing over and over even though smarter people tell them the right way of doing things.

It serves man right that he destroys the planet he lives on because he could do the right thing but what was easy. The planet will go one without man and it will be a better place like it's done in the past and will do in the future.

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